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Hi, welcome and thanks dropping by. No doubt your breakdown cover is up for renewal and you're looking to save some money on your policy. Well we can help.

We like to keep things simple, we offer the fastest way to compare the price of breakdown cover from the four largest companies available. It's extremely simply just pick the level of cover you want and who's covered. You will then be shown the price from the four largest breakdown cover providers.

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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
Relay/Recovery Joint
Homestart Family
Onward Travel Vehicle

Please note that GEM Motoring assist have one level of cover and is a set fee. Their cover includes ; roadside assistance, Nationwide recovery, Home assistance and Onward Travel.

You also might be able to save money on your breakdown cover by understanding what exactly your breakdown cover policy entitles you to and who it covers and adjusting it accordingly. Please read our guide to breakdown cover.

Saving Money

Don't have time to read our complete guide? Thats no problem. There are few ways to save money on breakdown cover. Make sure you select the level of cover you need and not more. Compare the policy price above to see how much your cover will be and buy your cover online. All companies give a substantial discount if you buy online as it cuts down their adminstration costs. The AA give discounts of upto 34% if you do decide to take out membership online.If your looking for cheap car breakdown cover purchase it online. A lot of members don't even renew their policy they close their current policy and take out a new one to receive the online discount again. It's really easy and self explanatory to go through the process online just follows the links in our table. The time in which the cover comes into effect after taking out the policy online varies but is normally not more than 24hrs. The main competitors claim to fix 80% and upwards of vehicles when they breakdown and if not will give it a local tow. So at the very minimum buying the basic breakdown package is a huge improvement over no cover at all.

The Big Four

The four companies we are comparing are The AA, RAC, Green Flag and GEM Assist. These are some of the most recognised brands in the UK. For further information on any breakdown cover provider click on the associated links below.

The AA attended more than 5.2 million breakdowns in 2011 and retained its "Recommended Provider" by which magazine.

The RAC is the UK's second largest breakdown company they offer cover for more than seven million members.

Green Flag is the smallest of the big three and offer a different approach to cover. They don't use dedicated patrols but use local mechanics.

Gem Assist keep their breakdown cover system simple. One comprehensive level of cover. Auto express voted them the No1 service.


*Breakdown providers prices are based on quotes the price shown here are for a 30 year old Male living in Bromley, Kent driving a 2006 Ford Focus Style (1.8) doing 10,000 miles a year

Service conditions will vary from each breakdown provider, the guide above is a rough guide check with the provider for the exact terms and conditions.